How it Works

  • State-of-the-art

    User acquisition can become extremely complex. All companies go through the same lengthy journey. ScaleMonk helps you get to the last mile within a click.

  • Transparent

    Even though at ScaleMonk we are heavily reliant on good technology, we don't believe black-box products are the best way to help you grow your business. It is part of our mission to provide full visibility and insights of what we are doing so we can help you build a better product.

  • Owned by You

    Want ScaleMonk to ingest your own LTV predictions in order to automate your bid updates? It can do that. Want ScaleMonk automate operations only for few channels? It can also do that.

User Acquisition Made Easy

ScaleMonk developed machine learning models that help mobile advertisers distribute their products in a completely automated fashion with extraordinary results. By using proprietary prediction techniques, we can handle the creation and update of UA campaigns across different distribution channels. Focus on the product; we will scale it for you.


“ScaleMonk changed the way Wildlife approaches UA. It not only automates the bulk of our UA operations but it also provides us with new insights that help us run new experiments. We can now move faster as an organization and also acquire significantly more paying users at the same yield levels as before”

Pedro Drummond
Wildlife Studios

“ScaleMonk solves extremely well a problem we have had for years: scaling mobile distribution. We use it to tap multiple channels and to acquire more paying users through its DSP”

João Ricardo


ScaleMonk can currently help you automating operations for AppLovin, ironSource, Unity Ads, Vungle, and ScaleMonk's proprietary distribution channel.

ScaleMonk is connected into multiple supply sources so it can help you achieve all available ad inventory in the most profitable way possible.

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