Our mediation solution in numbers

+25 -200%

Ads Revenue Uplift


No Hidden Margins

< 2 hours

SDK Integration Time

0 hours/mo

Managing Waterfalls

Maximize your revenue potential

No hidden margins -- it is really free. We connect advertisers and publishers directly. Different from other solutions, we don’t capture any margin from advertisers to publishers. Our optimization engine outperforms the best ads monetization professionals in the market, when managing waterfall placements and prices.

Make your life simpler

Not sure about what eCPMs values to input on the Waterfall? Spending hours fine-tuning your placements? Our optimization engine takes care of all the heavy lifting of an ads monetization team: managing price floors, defining placements, segmenting users, so you can focus on the most important thing: developing a great product.

Seamless integration

With minimal code, your app will be ready to go in less than 2 hours. And if you need a helping hand, our team of engineers is ready to support you.

“We achieved 25% uplifts in Ads ARPDAU after adopting the ScaleMonk mediation. The waterfall optimization is amazing, and I don’t have to allocate resources to manage placements and eCPMs anymore, it’s all automated

Anel Ceman
VP of Ad Monetization • Wildlife Studios



Our state-of-the-art algorithm learns the best combinations of segments and placements for your app. As simple as that.

Our mediation is free. We will offer a premium subscription with additional features in the future.

You will receive payments directly from the advertising networks, without any middlemen or intermediaries.

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